Who We Are

MB Life Sciences was incorporated in Feb 2013. Since the inception of our organization, we have felt that there is a dearth in clinically proven and effective herbal medicine. Particularly in the men’s sexual wellness sphere, most herbal products are misleading or doped with steroids. These medicines are either ineffective or borderline poisonous for the human body.

Most consumers in the market fall victim to these fake products due to the lack of awareness surrounding them. With years of R&D, Human Clinical Efficacy & Safety study, our panel of expert doctors and botanists formulated a groundbreaking medicine to cure male impotence and other sexual disorders in men. We, at MB Life Sciences, create awareness about men’s wellness and manufacture Vatsyayan Plus, a clinically proven herbal medicine that targets sexual problems without having to deal with worse side effects.

What We Do

Vatsyayan Plus is an innovative and research focussed wellness brand for men. Through years of research, we have successfully formulated Vatsyayan Plus, a multi-mineral supplement for men’s sexual health.

It is clinically tested at KLE University, Belgaum — a leading super speciality hospital situated in Karnataka. In the study, it was discovered that V+ helps in male impotency by improving blood flow to the male sexual organ, increasing male sex hormone — Testosterone, increasing sperm count and mobility and improveing general well-being.

Our secret lies in Phytochemical Isolation and Concentration Technology, which exponentially increases the power of these rare herbs and minerals. This makes our product, V+ a one-of-a-kind supplement for men in the wellness landscape.

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